Community rules!

Here are some of the rules to aid in the making of a pleasant food community. Please let's adhere to them. Thanks
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Community rules!

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Hello Food Lovers,

This a forum for people to share their culinary recipes. There might be a lot of sharing recipes websites, but here we want to be a good and reliable site. We want a community that everyone can participate freely without fear of being trolled or victimised. So, in the spirit of sharing here are rules that users must adhere to, and violating these rules will result in suspension or complete removal from the forum.

• Forum members who post spam messages will have their messages removed.
• We will NOT tolerate racial, emotional and any other unpleasant abuses on here. We want a happy community.
• Sensitive information i.e. personal identifiable information will be removed to protect YOUR privacy.
• Link to information that is relevant to this forum rather than copying it, UNLESS you are the copyright holder or you've explicit permission from copyright holder.
• Please don't use lewd, filthy, obscene or swearing language.
• Do not insult, harass, provoke or personally attack other users of this forum.

So, let's get sharing those food tips and tricks.
Admin Team.